First screenshots

October 2, 2013

Somehow 6 months has passed since we first posted to this blog. In that time we have been coding, drawing, writing, rewriting and playing fork, but we haven’t written anything about it. Now that the engine is largely finished, the content is taking shape, and we are beginning to plan for a beta of the first 3 levels, the time has come to go on the record about fork with our first set of screenshots.

shooting at spiders

As you can see fork is a platformer at heart, albeit one set on curved planets floating in space. To get around you need your ship, shown performing a rather hazardous landing in this screenshot.

landing in progress

Whilst flying, fork is reminiscent of Atari’s classic, [Lunar lander](, but then you land, jump out your ship, grab your gun and the game becomes a platformer.


You don’t always need your ship to move around though, here our hero (also unnamed as yet) is jumping from one asteroid to the next as he moves about his home village.


What is less apparent from these pictures is that, in the tradition of Zelda and Cave Story, the levels are set in a large world, and form scenes in an overarching story, revealed as you explore this world.

The difference is that whereas in Zelda and Cave story, the over world is quite separate from the levels, in fork you jump back in your ship, takeoff and seamless fly to the next stage.

your little brother

Finally, a glimpse at our ice planet. The renderer is in progress, but it shows you the variety we are aiming for in fork’s world.

ice planet