An NPC Cast

August 25, 2015

Making an interactive and explorable universe has always been one of our main goals for Momoka. Previous escapades into procedural generation has taught us that the most interesting and enjoyable content is usually hand-made, and so, we have been taking the time to fill the universe with colourful characters who take an interest in Momoka’s progress,

Nice hair

Graphically this presents a problem as creating a 3d model for each of the characters – together with rigging and skinning in certain cases – is enough work for an army of artists. Instead we have decided to go with a semi-procedural, modular approach, building a single animated model which we can adorn with a variety of props.

Sweet hat

The static accessory model, such as a hat or some fantastic hair, is glued on to the main model through a fixed set of reference vertices for every frame of the animation. To add to the combinatorial richness of the cast, we also post-process each model in order to change the hair colour, skin colour and clothing.