Welcome back to Felwig Games

April 29, 2013

After almost 3 years of inactivity, Felwig games is reborn. We are working hard on our new space platformer - for now codenamed fork. Join our hero as she jumps in her spaceship and heads off around her galaxy to find out why her star is dying. The game moves seamlessly from a 360 degree space shooter to a platform game as you land your ship on a planet and set off exploring.

After finishing our first game, the Elite inspired Firmament, life became busy for the two of us, so other than Boxel, a fun 3D match-3 game for iPad and iPhone, we have released nothing. This period of inactivity has not been entirely idle, in fact we toyed with three or four proof of concept projects in that time, but until fork none inspired us to take them beyond the prototype stage.

The focus of this blog will of course be the development of fork as we work towards a closed beta, a public beta and eventual release, but we will also use it to discuss indie development in general through the lens of this project. A later post will have screenshots and far more detail on fork’s gameplay and progress towards beta. At heart fork is an adventure platformer with the gameplay tied to a story, similar in concept to Cave Story and the 2D Zelda games. It is the story of a young man setting off to discover why his planet’s sun is dying, and how can he save his solar system. If you want to be one of our beta testers then watch this space, or better still, get in touch felwig@gmail.com.