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14 Jan 2016



iOS, tvOS



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Momoka offers a unique gameplay experience which switches seamlessly from a platforming shooter within and between round planets, to exploration of the large planetary system using a spaceship. As Momoka hops and flies across her solar system, she will gain items and abilities that allow her to access new areas. You will meet many characters, collect upgrades, and battle fearsome enemies as you explore Haruto to find out why its sun is dying, and how you will save it.


  • Freely explore the galaxy in this nonlinear adventure
  • Upgrade Momoka with items you find around Haruto
  • Meet a wide cast of NPCs as you explore Haruto
  • Beautiful Low-Poly graphics with Dynamic lighting and Shadows
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV
  • Pay once and Play. Momoka has no IAPs, and it never will.
  • Precise touchscreen controls
  • Game Centre Support
  • iCloud syncing between iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV
  • Support for MFi Game Controllers


The intention with Momoka was to write a thoroughly modern, high quality exploration & adventure game for iOS. Momoka blends the depth and exploration of games like Zelda & Metroid with the great platforming action, slickness and beautiful presentation expected on iOS. We chose the Low-Poly art style as it looks especially good on the Retina screens common with iOS hardware, and it suits Momoka’s light hearted mood.

The bulk of the game is a shooter-style platformer, but jump in the ship, the camera will zoom out, and you can fly around Haruto in Momoka’s rocket a la Lunar Lander. This has enabled us to combine the great gameplay, but small scale, of a platformer with the larger scales required for an immersive adventure game. During your adventure you will meet many characters, individually written to help, hinder, frustrate or amuse you.

The 2.5D approach keeps the controls simple, sharp and iOS appropriate by restricting the mechanics to that of a platformer, whilst still giving players the beautiful cutting edge visual experience they have come to expect from the best of iOS games. We are particularly proud of the dynamic lighting and realtime shadows.

Momoka features main theme music by Kalle Ylitalo.


Release trailer

Announcement trailer


Momoka and the windmill

Momoka starting her adventure (iPhone)

Momoka and her ship

Momoka having landed on "Ember"(iPhone)

Frozen blocks

Platforming through "Ember" - an ice level(iPad)

Momoka in a cave

Momoka exploring a cave(iPad)

Momoka in nebula

Momoka exploring the Emerald Nebula(iPhone)

Momoka walljumping

Momoka exploring an old Taiki space station(iPhone)


The Momoka Family




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  • Apple Best New Games, 20 Jan 2016
  • Toucharcade - Game of the week

    - fantastic music . . . quirky cast of characters . . . you really can feel all the heart and soul that went into this game

  • 148 Apps - 4.5/5

    - heaps of heart . . . a delight for anyone who loves exploring

  • App Advice - Review 5/5

    - gorgeous and charming platformer adventure game that will keep you busy

    - Momoka has a near-flawless control scheme . . . insanely responsive

  • Apple 'n Apps - 4/5

    - The best part of Momoka is there’s so much to do

  • Techradar - 50 best iPhone games 2016

    - Metroidvania-like gameplay and colorful worlds are sure to keep you glued to your screen in this charming action platformer


In addition to maintaining the iOS and tvOS versions of Momoka, and releasing a content update later this year, Momoka will also appear in the Mac App Store.

About Us

Felwig Games is a small UK based indie studio. We make original games which are designed to last. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at or on twitter @felwig.